Smart Apps For Android: Deal or No Deal 2 is FREE! Can you pick the $1M briefcase?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Deal or No Deal 2 is FREE! Can you pick the $1M briefcase?

Were you a fan of the game show Deal or No Deal? How would you like to play it at home for free? OK, I'll be straight up with you, there is no money to be won. But you can still have lots of fun playing against the banker to see if you can end up with the all the money. Or you can play as the banker and see how low you can get the number. Either way, it's free right now so give it a try.


No ads, but there are in-app purchases and external links, so set your device accordingly.


If you would like to download Deal or No Deal 2, please use the handy link below so they'll know who sent you. 

Only an app's developer can determine price, this app was verified free at the time of this post.



Screen Shots:


From Amazon:

Product Features

  • 2 game modes (Banker or Contestant)
  • Power ups
  • GameCircle (Leaderboards & Achievements)
  • Supports multiple HD tablets
  • randomization makes every game unique

Product Description

Deal or No Deal 2 is here and adds even more fun to the original famous game!
If you are a fan of the show, then you'll love Deal or No Deal 2.
Ever want to be the Banker? Now you can.
Now with even more cool new features and power ups.
- multiple power ups, such as "X-ray" , "Better Offer", and "Friends Advice"
- multiple game modes - Be the Banker or a Contestant.
Pick a case, and try and win as much money as possible from the Banker!
Be the banker and try to get the contestant out of the game for as little money as possible!
You will have to decide on when to sell your case and take the deal or hold out for the end
to find out what's in your case.
This game of chance and skill is easy to learn but difficult to master!
Can you win the ultimate prize and become a millionaire?
- Post your score to global leader boards
- Challenge your friends or anyone online - highest score wins the wager
- Unlock the millionaire achievement to earn 100 challenge coins!
Download this adaptation of Deal or No Deal today and let the fun begin!


Kelli is looking forward to the she can get some rest.

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