Smart Apps For Android: It's a $4 Monki Sale! Wait, what? (Best Android apps for kids)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It's a $4 Monki Sale! Wait, what? (Best Android apps for kids)

I love a good sale, and I think the stores know it too because I'm one of the shmucks that will seriously consider buying just about anything if it's on sale. Not only is this a bad habit, it also makes me end up with a lot of junk I don't truly need.

Lucky for you, that's not the case with today's app sale. Monki apps were rated top-notch by our sister site Smart Apps for Kids and now you can have them on your Android device for only $0.99 a piece! We're not sure how long this sale will last, so download them today.
Monki Animal Builder
Crazy eyes, pig nose and octopus tentacles? Build up fun animals! 

Let your kids build up new fun looking animals and unleash their imagination. With 6 fun characters with different personalities to choose from, they can add lots of different body parts - from octopus tentacles and butterfly wings to elephant trunks and alien arms. Watch out! everything is animated and comes to life as soon as it’s part of the animal! 
- Kids friendly (4+ years).
- 6 different characters with their own personality.
- Over 30 body parts to build up your very own animal.
- 60+ animations that brings everything to life.
- More than 15 accessories: sunglasses, pirate hats, diving glasses and more.
- 90+ audio tracks with educational vocabulary and sentences.
- Online features to store and share animals (parental lock). 
- No third-party advertising. 
- No in-app purchases.
Reduced from $2.99 now $0.99

Monki Hide & Seek

Can you hear that? It’s out there! In the woods! It’s a puppy barking!

Let your kids join this fun adventure and play the well-known “Hide and Seek” game in different colourful worlds. Watch out! the animals are so enthusiastic they will change hiding places every time you find one. And if you happen to get hungry while you’re looking for them, you may pick some apples. Be careful to not step on the ants!
- Kid friendly (2+ years).
- 6 cute animals to play with.
- 3 different worlds: The park, the snowy forest and the Egyptian desert.
- 3 different versions of each world. Every time you finish a world it changes.
- 4 spoken languages: English, Spanish, Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese.
- 90+ audio tracks with educational vocabulary and sentences.
- Interactive map: Play with all the elements in the world.
- Each map contains an easter egg (hidden surprise).
- No third-party advertising.
- No In-app purchases.

Reduced from $2.99 now $0.99

--Rachel J. will pass on winter this year. 

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