Smart Apps For Android: Save $10 on Dr. Panda apps! (Best Android apps for kids)

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Save $10 on Dr. Panda apps! (Best Android apps for kids)

Oh Dr. Panda, how I love you. You work non-stop and can rock just about any job you put your sweet panda mind to.

Have you met Dr. Panda? If not, then this is the perfect time. Your toddler/preschooler will fall head over heels for this sweet bear. Ask any of the children of the Smart Apps for Kids' staff and they'll be quick to tell you their deep affection for this line of apps.

Five of these fabulous apps from developer Tribe Play are on sale for a limited time only, so be sure to download them while they're on the cheap, and then share with all of your friends.

Dr. Panda's Daycare
  • 1000 different interactions as well as role play elements like playing, putting animals to sleep, cooking, feeding them, making music and much more
  • Educational values: Stimulation of imagination and creativity, feeling of responsibility
  • Create your own music in the music room!
  • Kids and Parents Friendly: Easy-to-use interface and no reading required
  • Kids Safe: No third party advertisement or any in-app purchase

Reduced from $2.99 now $0.99

Dr. Panda's Airport
  • 10 airport-themed minigames. Help run everything from stamping passports to organizing baggage!
  • Get familiar with the process of heading through an airport, from checking in to taking off!
  • Dozens of secrets to discover in Dr. Panda's Airport
  • Beautifully drawn graphics and carefully crafted animation
  • No text and minimal UI, easy for anyone to pick up and play with no instruction
  • Kid-safe: No in app purchases or third party ads

Reduced from $2.99 now $0.99

Dr. Panda's Toy Cars
  • 2 huge cities to explore!
  • Drive around in 8 different vehicles: do you prefer cars, a fire truck or a boat?!
  • Play together! Multiple cars can be controlled at once with no issue!
  • Each vehicle has unique traits: Carry cargo in the truck, help people with an ambulance, and more!
  • Play however you want! No time limits or strict rules!
  • No in-app purchases or third party ads

Reduced from $2.99 now $0.99

Dr. Panda's Beauty Salon
  • Over 11 minigames in all
  • Everyday activities like nail cutting and face washing made fun
  • Lots of variety. There are endless possibilities to what you can create.
  • Creative freedom! You decide when to stop painting and decorating faces, nails and jewelry.
  • Lots of secrets to discover on every screen. Encourages thinking outside the box.
  • Robust parental controls and locks
  • No third-party ads or in-app purchases
Reduced from $2.99 now $0.99

Dr. Panda's Handyman
  • 13 multi-step minigames and activities
  • Great for kids 2-6, for learning about how different tools work and the process of how things get made
  • Let those creative juices flow! Paint and customize many projects as you see fit.
  • Dr. Panda enters the 3rd dimension! Full 3D objects to build and fix.
  • Dr. Panda's toolbox has over 10 different tools, from screwdrivers to saws... and even a jackhammer!
  • Secrets hidden on every screen, just waiting to be found!
  • Kid-safe; no third-party ads or In-App Purchases. Features a parental lock system so parents can feel confident letting their kids play by themselves.
Reduced from $2.99 now $0.99

Rachel J. would like Dr. Panda to tackle a little of her to-do list when he has time.

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