Smart Apps For Android: The Lorax is on sale! Save 40%!

Sunday, November 02, 2014

The Lorax is on sale! Save 40%!

"I speak for the trees!" and the Smart Apps for Android staff when I say that you absolutely need to take advantage of this app sale. The well-loved Dr. Seuss tale The Lorax comes to your kiddo's Android device in the full-length interactive story inside the app of the same name. Developer Oceanhouse Media is known for their quality book apps, and for a limited time you can snag this app at almost half the cost.
Download sweet Lorax today, and then tell all your other Seuss-loving friends.
If you'd like to download The Lorax ($4.99 reduced to $2.99) use the link below to support Smart Apps for Kids

This app is stuffed full of everything I love in a book app. A fun and well-loved story, great graphics (that are as true to the original as they can get), multiple reading options for readers at all stages of literacy skills, and highlighted text as the words are narrated. If I could give a star rating, you know it'd be a full five stars.

From Amazon:

The Lorax
This Dr. Seuss classic can be experienced in any of three reading modes
The Lorax
On-screen instructions help children through the book their first time
The Lorax
Children can read along with the highlighted words and touch images on the screen to see the corresponding words pop up
If you're new here in town where the Grickle-grass grows, you should talk to the Once-ler and see what he knows.
You will learn of the Lorax and also the Thneed. With this omBook, you'll even save trees as you read!
It's the Tale of the Lorax Who Gave Trees a Voice and the Industry Man Who Ignored Him By Choice
When the Once-ler Wagon rolls into a land of clear water, green grass, colorful Truffula Trees, singing Swomee-Swans, and happy Brown Bar-ba-loots, it isn't long before things get messy. When the Once-ler builds a non-sustainable industry out of the land's natural resources, the Lorax is the lone voice warning him of the outcome. Since 1971, this Dr. Seuss classic has been teaching kids and adults about environmental awareness. Now it's available in a paper-free digital format for your Android device with fun, exclusive features to help your children enjoy reading.
Choose to Hear It Aloud or Just Read It Alone; With the Lorax You'll Have Lots of Fun on Your Phone
Much more than a regular ebook, this Oceanhouse Media "omBook" is sure to enhance your child's learning experience with three ways to read it: Read to Me, Read It Myself, or Auto Play. Read to Me allows your child to listen to the story with a professional audio narration, highlighting the words as they are read. Read It Myself allows your child to read each page in a traditional manner. Auto Play plays the story like a movie, automatically reading and turning the pages; this is the best option for very young children.
But That Is Not All, Oh No, That Is Not All; This App's Meant for All Kids No Matter How Small
The Lorax
Pages turn with a swipe and sound like a real book
Touch a Word, Start to Learn with Each Sound and Page Turn
As children turn from page to page, they can touch the screen and learn new vocabulary. Words on the screen are highlighted when the narration reaches them, making it simple for even the youngest of readers to follow along and recognize each word. Touching the words or long-pressing any paragraph highlights and repeats the word aloud. To increase picture and word association, children can also touch any image on the screen, and the word will pop up, identifying the object in bright, bold letters.
Want to Hear It with Voice? Well You Can, It's Your Choice
Professional narration enlivens the story with powerful and unique voices for each character. The silly voices are perfectly paired with Seuss's artwork on each page. In addition, background music and sound effects complement the events of the story. The lively narration, original illustrations, and funny sound effects are sure to make your little ones giggle.

--An item on Rachel J's bucket list is to meet the Once-ler.

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