Smart Apps For Android: Bonza Word Puzzle is a different kind of FREE crossword puzzle (Best apps for Android)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Bonza Word Puzzle is a different kind of FREE crossword puzzle (Best apps for Android)

In general, we look at apps for the younger kiddos out there, but today I wanted to share one of my favorites which, though classified as all ages, appeals more to the older kids. Bonza Word Puzzle puts a different spin on crossword puzzles. The end product looks much like a traditional crossword, however, players are given word fragments and the only clue is the theme for the entire board. There are many puzzles available for free as well as a new daily word puzzle often based on current events. Adults and older kids who love word puzzles are sure to enjoy Bonza!

If you would like to download Bonza Word Puzzle (FREE), please show your support by using our link:

From Google Play

Bonza is a new type of crossword that has become an instant classic. It mixes word search, jigsaw and trivia knowledge to create something completely fresh. If you like a word challenge and you enjoy pushing boxes around with your fingers, then you'll love Bonza Word Puzzle.

Every day you'll be able to solve a new free puzzle. Some are based on current events, others are designed by the Bonza community.

A new type of crossword 
Free Daily Puzzles based on current events 
Stunning minimalist art style 
Puzzle packs by celebrity designers 
Puzzles designed by the Bonza community 
Relaxing ambient soundtrack


Rachel H has her fingers crossed her 8 year old isn't coming down with the flu

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