Smart Apps For Android: Threes! is 33.3% off--see what they did there? (Best Android apps for kids)

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Threes! is 33.3% off--see what they did there? (Best Android apps for kids)

If you're familiar with the game 2048 then prepare to fall in love with Threes!. Unlike other number smashing games, every number combination you make has to be a multiple of three. Slide the numbers around the screen until every number is...Threes!

For a limited time, you can grab this app for only $0.99, so be sure to download while you can and share it with your friends.
If you'd like to download Threes! ($0.99, Reduced from $1.99) use the link below to support Smart Apps for Android

Threes! has no numerical limit of points, so go ahead and start a family competition to see who can score the most points. While I would categorize this app as a mostly "just for fun" game, you could also sneak in some multiplication practice, but only if your kiddo is working on their 3's tables. Really, though, this game is a great play for kids and grown ups if you have five minutes or spend playing or 60 minutes.

From Amazon:
33.3333333333% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME!

Threes is tiny puzzle that grows on you.


~ Apple Design Award 2014 Winner

“You might as well delete Candy Crush Saga now.” ~ Pocket Gamer

“It's surprisingly adorable, for a game starring numbers.” ~ Joystiq

“It’s the kind of game that embosses the rules on your brain within 30 seconds, but then compels you to spend the next two hours playing.” ~ Pocket Tactics


Explore our little game’s deep challenge and grow your mind beyond imagination. 

³ Endless challenge from one simple game mode
³ An endearing cast of characters
³ A heart-warming soundtrack
³ No IAP - Threes is a complete experience the moment you download it

Honorably mentioned for Excellence in Design by the Independent Games  

Rachel J's favorite number is 12.

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