Smart Apps For Android: Changes are coming to Smart Apps For Android!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Changes are coming to Smart Apps For Android!

One of the biggest reader requests we get on Smart Apps For Kids is that they want it to be easier to find apps for Android, and they don't want to follow two sites. Many readers have devices on both platforms, and they want it to be easy to go to Smart Apps For Kids to find great content for both Android and iOS.

So we're listening! Smart Apps For Android, which has always been a part of Smart Apps For Kids, will be hosted on the same website coming very soon! We're working on a better organizational structure of the main website, so that the posts that interest you will still be there and easy to find.

We'll keep the social media for Smart Apps For Android, though--you can still follow our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest , LinkedIn and Google+ accounts to find links for new articles that are the most relevant to Android. We'll post the same content by the same people, now just all easily found on one site. We will be listing Android links on every app where there is Android available!

Keep watching for the changes, happening in the next few weeks.


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