Smart Apps For Android: Featured App: A Parcel of Courage - an adventure of family and bravery

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Featured App: A Parcel of Courage - an adventure of family and bravery

A parcel iconAlex, Max, and Leo miss their Granny very much, but how can they get to see her? A Parcel of Courage is an interactive story of how three young boys come up with a plan to help their Granny overcome her fear of flying so that she can come and visit. A Parcel of Courage is loaded with interactive features and mini games.
Available for both iPad and Android.

If you’d like to download A Parcel of Courage (iPad and Android), please use the link(s) below so they’ll know who sent you.

Itunes link
iPad Full Version ($2.99)

Itunes link iPad Lite Version (Free)

Android Full Version ($2.58)

Android Lite Version (Free)
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No ads, no in-app purchases, external links in protected area
Join Alex, Max, and Leo in an interactive reading adventure to help them reunite with their Granny. The boys start off learning about how far Granny actually lives from them Just because she’s very close on the map doesn’t mean she’s really very close at all. The boys decide that the best way for Granny to visit is by plane. But Granny has a fear of flying and the boys take it upon themselves to help her overcome it.
With their mom’s help, the boys bake Granny a batch of chocolate courage cookies to help her be brave. We follow the package of cookies on its journey to Granny’s. After Granny receives her package, the chocolate courage cookies help her gather her courage so that she may visit her grandchildren.
This sweet story of family is filled with interaction on each page. It is available for both iPad and Android, in both full and lite versions. The lite version contains the interactive storybook, while the full version contains four fun games designed to foster creativity and problem solving skills.
Join Alex, Max, and Leo on their quest to reunite with their Granny.

From iTunes:
Get A Parcel of Courage and enjoy a whole new family reading experience! 

Explore 15 amazing pages full of magic and love, play inside the story and complete 7 tasks to unlock a wonderful ritual for making your own wish come true! 

A parcel 2Enjoy hundredth of witty animated surprises, improve cognitive abilities with 4 brain-training games for both the right and left brains and have a truly aesthetic experience! 

Read the book, play inside the story and help your peers to meet their much loved Grandma!

+ put a colored marble run together
+ bake a courage chocolate cookies
+ send a magic letter to granny
+ help to grandpa to clean the backyard
+ pack a suitcase with presents 
+ and do many more good deeds 

And by the way listen to the joyful songs, sing the ABC and dance together with Alex, Max and Leo. Don’t forget to find out how to say hello in so many languages, find out what mean of transportation is the fastest, and finally, make a real full of fun photo-shoot with your new friends.

Once the mission is complete, take a rest and go on playing. I PLAY mode will amaze you with 4 games, mysterious outfits and one huge SURPRISE!

Created for families with children aged from 3-6 years who want to connect emotionally with their children and provide them with some brain-training activity both for the right and left brains.

+ No banners, no ads, COPPA compliant
+ No in-App purchases
+ The app has a parents protected area

+ Amazing graphics and smart interaction design.
+ Great chance to remember about children's grandparents and shower them with a lot of love, whether they live across the globe, or down the street.
+ Tips and hints for kids and the possibility to manage the text bubbles.
+ The English version voiced by a talented British educator Lucy Briggs.
+ Original soundtrack and modern children’s tunes.
+ Personalization and options for saving the games results for all family members.
+ Laconic navigation menu design and intuitive interface.
+ Children safe with no in-app purchases, ads or unprotected external links
+ The application has been created in close collaboration with kids.

Brain-training games:

A game where the kid takes the role of a waiter and plays with Grandma, recommending to her a number of cuisines. Grandma has a very good appetite! It gets kids to strengthen their numeracy skills and learn simple mathematical calculations.

*Post Office
This is an absolutely fab idea, getting children to attach stamps with funny animals, mark stamps as real postmen and send mails to friends and family. The game teaches children to maintain sequences and identify patterns. 

This game gets children to fit the funniest and most delicious gifts in Grandma's travel 
suitcase. As much a puzzle game as it is a tool to develop skills of spatial thinking. 

Aimed to enhance the work of the right brain hemisphere, this game is based on the method of Japanese Professor Makoto Shichida. It caters to the individual needs of kids to nourish their inner genius with fun. Capture and learn to distinguish different colors. The color wheel is designed to help naturally form colour perception and aesthetic preferences. 

Every game's level rewards kids with a mysterious outfits which finally transforms into a magical airship. 

Special technical features:
+ The frontal camera is used to created hilarious pics with your favorite characters.
+ 3D graphics in full use to let the players travel beyond the display.
+ The display and navigation buttons blocked from the accidental contact.
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Kelli wonders if there is also a thing called chocolate courage cupcakes, because she could really get behind that idea.

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