Smart Apps For Android: Flash Math - flashcards without the cards (and right now it's FREE!)

Monday, January 05, 2015

Flash Math - flashcards without the cards (and right now it's FREE!)

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My son and I have come up with a game plan for the New Year. He seems to feel like being able to practice math using one of our devices would really help him advance in his studies. Y'all, he's eight, where on Earth did he learn the phrase "advance in his studies"? It might have been a ploy to get more screen time, but two can play at that game. Enter Flash Math. It's just like sitting down and using traditional flashcards, just on our tablet.

Flash Math is free right now, so give it a try if you have a kiddo who could use just a little extra practice in math.


If you'd like to download Flash Math, please use the handy link below so they'll know who sent you.

Free (normally $0.99)


Screen Shots:

From Amazon:

Product Features

  • Simple, Clean, and Effective
  • Easy to Use. No confusing instructions or games.
  • Math Flash Cards easily accessible (not floating around the junk drawer!)
  • Improve your math skills!
  • It's fun!
  • Did you know that 4 out of 3 people struggle with math?

Product Description

Simple, clean, and effective way to learn and practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division!

Flash Math is an educational application that is designed to help increase your student’s speed at answering addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts correctly.

Help your kids learn in a flash with Flash Math!

Flash Math creates a portable learning environment where students of all ages can practice math facts on their mobile device. Don’t waste your student’s time trying to locate all the flashcards in a store bought deck, use Flash Math on their mobile device so they can practice anywhere, anytime.

Help your kids achieve record response times by consistent practice with Flash Math.


Kelli's holiday is over. Back to the trenches it is for her.

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