Smart Apps For Android: Free Android App Friday - January 9! (best free Android apps and games)

Friday, January 09, 2015

Free Android App Friday - January 9! (best free Android apps and games)

Whew! First week back after the Holidays is pretty much in the books. Now we just need a few free games to get ready for the weekend. You can help some bees make honey or pop a bunch of red balloons. You can play a strategy game with blobs of jelly or race against time with a stickman. 
Just a quick little post today with $10 worth of free games. It's like a little reward for making it through the week without falling asleep at your desk (some of us got really used to taking naps over the Holidays).

If you'd like to download any of these apps, please use the handy links below so they'll know who sent you. Remember, only an app's developer can control when it is free. These apps were verified free at the time of this post.

Honey Run
Honey Run is the fun and exciting free to play game that's bursting with colour and action. Guide your bees to and from the hive as they go about their work collecting nectar and pollen. Hungry caterpillars will sneak out from under the hedges and try to munch their way through your flowers.  Bugs get tougher and need more taps to remove them and flowers will need pollinating more frequently. You’ll also have more bees to manage and before you know it everything will become delightfully chaotic! Free (normally $2.99)

Coosi Box
Coosi Box is app for sharing pictures with children all over the world. Draw in many themes and become heroine of your own story. 
Coosi box have many delightful things you can do, but most important part of our role is to raise your kid’s imagination and pure mind. 

  Free (normally $1.99)

Jumbo Jellies
Move your jelly pieces around the board by either duplicating up, down, left or right into vacant squares, or ‘jumping’ diagonally. Landing next to your opponent’s piece will claim it. Group 4 jellies together in a square formation to build a Jumbo Jelly. These jellies can move to any available square on the board and create a single locked piece which has an even greater duplicating power.
Outsmart your opponent and leave them with no possible moves or finish with the most amount of pieces. 

  Free (normally $1.99)

Balloon Pop Premium
Race against time to Balloon Pop as many balloons as you can. Tap to pop, try 3 different difficulties. Cool blue sky background. Nice red balloons fill the sky. If you like cut the rope or bubble pop. Just like paper toss a great time killer.
Great background music and sound effects.

  Free (normally $0.99)

Stick Man Runner Premium

Fun Endless runner gets faster and faster. See how far you can go.
  • Cool graphics
  • Endless game fun
  • Easy to use
 Free (normally $1.99)


Kelli would really love a chocolate cupcake for breakfast. Unfortunately there are no chocolate cupcakes in the house.

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