Smart Apps For Android: Talking ABC has been updated! And it's still a Top Pick! (Also - for a limited time, download the French version for FREE!)

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Talking ABC has been updated! And it's still a Top Pick! (Also - for a limited time, download the French version for FREE!)

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Bottom line: Talking ABC has been updated recently, and it's still one of my favorite ABC apps of all time with awesome claymation graphics and adorable characters. It's still a Top Pick in my book!
They've also recently released the French and German versions of this app. The French version is free for a limited time, don't miss out on the opportunity to expose your child to another language!

If you'd like to purchase Talking ABC from HEY CLAY Apps ($2.99, iPad/iPhone and Android), please use the handy links below so they'll know who sent you.
Itunes link$2.99 iOS

$2.99 Android

Itunes link$2.99 Currently FREE - French (iOS)
Itunes link$2.99 German iOS
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Talking abc 2Talking ABC is an app that is near and dear to my heart. It was one of my earlier reviews and has consistently remained one of my favorite alphabet apps over time. In my original review (here) I talked about the wonderful quality of the clay art animation and the cuteness and originality of the animals that were used. All of this still holds true. The original winning elements of are still there with some new additions and content. Oh, and by the way, the koala is still my kids' favorite of all the animals.
The main portion of the app still features each capital letter formed in clay. When the user touches the letters, they morph into endearing claymation depictions of animals, with the name spelled out above the animal and spoken out loud. If the user touches the animal, it morphs back into the letter. The four original games (Letters, Animals, Funny Words, and Puzzle) are still there, along with two new games - Memo and Who is It. The auto play function (with its snappy little song) is now just labeled as "song".
Talking abc 4Since I covered the (wonderful) basics in detail in that first review, let's talk about the additions, OK?
  • Memo game - this is a classic memory game, but with three difficulty levels it stays challenging for kids of all ages. My kids and I had fun playing this together.
  • Who Is It? - This game offers a jumble of letters that little users must match up with the proper animal in order to determine which animal is in question.
There is still the cute option of having each animal speak back to you, parroting whatever the user says. This (adorable) option got out of hand fairly quickly at my house. Let me just say, the animals will also repeat back nonsense and, um, pretend bodily function sounds. The joys of having a nine-year-old son.
You can watch this app in action here:

There are lots of options in the settings that users can take advantage of to customize the game. You can set the voice to either say the name of the letter or to make the phoenetic sound. You can turn off the talking function so that the animals don't repeat things back to you (whew!). The difficulty levels for the puzzle and the memo game can be ajusted in settings to keep the game challenging, even for those who have been past learning their letters for a very, very long time.
Talking abc 5After all this time, how does this app hold up? Brilliantly. It's still one of the best ABC games on the market with its superior artwork and level of content. In the years since I first reviewed this, I have tried dozens (and dozens) of different ABC apps. Talking ABC consistently remains one of my favorites. There are still some improvements that could be made. I still wish it offered lower case letters. Also, I do wish that they had opted to choose animals that matched up with the sound for all of the animals. They used the hard G sound for the letter G, but used a giraffe as the animal. Perhaps a Gorilla might have been a better choice. Even so, Talking ABC still ranks among my all time Top Picks.
I want to note that my kids and I spent some time playing ALPHABET PARLANT (the French Version). I highly recommend downloading it and giving it a whirl. Particularly since we had been playing the English version right beforehand, my kids really liked making the connection between the English letter names and the French ones and seeing that some animals have completely different names in other languages.
ProfileKelli wonders if she could just fast forward through to the weekend. Smart Apps for Kids was paid a fee to perform this review in a priority manner.

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