Smart Apps For Android: Featured App: How Do You Know? teaches children critical thinking and inferential skills with over 500 pictures and questions.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Featured App: How Do You Know? teaches children critical thinking and inferential skills with over 500 pictures and questions.

This handy app for iPad and iPhone helps children decide what they are looking at based on clues they see. By choosing the best answer for each picture, children are tapping into critical thinking skills and are learning how to describe why they have chosen their answers. This app is great for young users but also very valuable to special needs students who need an extra push answering "How?" and "Why?" questions and finishing sentences that begin with, "Because..". The $4.99 price tag also makes this app very accessible to users on a budget.

If you would like to download this app, please use this link and support Smart Apps for Kids:
iPad/iPhone ($4.99)

Google Play ($4.99)

Amazon App Store ($4.99)

This app has no ads, no in-app purchases and no external links.

Our beautiful Ellie recorded a demonstration video for your viewing pleasure so you can see the app in action:

  IMG_1301The app opens to a home screen where users can choose start, settings, reports or information. In start, new users can be created or chosen from previously using the app. There are no pics, just user names in this section and set-up is quick and painless. Type a name, click next then users are taken to settings for that user where audio cue, sounds, "Let's Talk About It" and manual scoring can be turned off or on. The audio cue refers to narration of text and sound settings turn the cheerleading responses and sound effects off or on. Manual scoring leaves scoring to be recorded off screen and the Let's Talk About It feature can be turned on so that no answers or choices are given which pushes users to create their own responses.
Once a user has been chosen play can begin. There are 16 categories to choose from including IMG_1304places, occupations, emotions, activities, conditions & states of being, events, time & holidays, weather, animals and variants of those listed. There is also an option to have a category chosen at random. Once a category is chosen, users pick how many questions will be in the set ranging from one to fourteen. Students are then shown a picture with a question. There are three choices listed below (unless the option has been chosen to answer verbally) and these are all narrated if that option has been selected. For instance, "What is the event?" and then three answers of "concert, marathon, play" are the choices. When an incomplete choice is made, a sound effect is played and users are encouraged to look again. A correct choice asks another question to explain the choice, "How do you know? Because I see..." followed by three more choices that may or may not describe the scene above. Answers are calculated and saved. Reports can be accessed in the reports section by clicking the user name. The first glimpse of the IMG_1306reports are dates, categories, quantity of questions and scores. By clicking on a specific category, the report expands to show number of tries, settings and questions. This can be emailed from within the app and read by recipients without needing to have the app installed.
How Do You Know? targets the following language goals (as stated in the general information section IMG_1307 of the app): "question comprehension (who, what, where, when and how), verbal reasoning strategies to make inferences, critical thinking skills to distinguish key details, build vocabulary and semantic knowledge, use pictures to build concept imagery, recognize and label associated vocabulary, practice reading comprehension at sentence level, verbal reasoning skills.". Speech therapists, parents and teachers will be amazed at the ease with which they and their students can use this app as well as how helpful it is trying to get students to make the connection between simple answers and explaining those answers. For just $4.99 a lot of help is at your fingertips.

CtagbigCynthia added this app to her son's device so she feels like she's still educating her kiddo over the summer. *Smart Apps for Kids was paid a promotional fee for this post.

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