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Wednesday, February 05, 2014



Mauro Orefice said...

Hi i announce my app "La Bolletta" available to the link :

This App was created as a support to all those who play the classic
"Bolletta" every week on the football league Serie A. It exploits
the statistics of the football league since 2008. As soon as the shares
of the most common betting will be available this App,
will provide two functions: Quote Giornata and Classifica.
The first can be accessed by clicking the "Quote Giornata",
here we will show you all of the day of Serie A with a list
of games to play and the rates of the most common according
to the historian since 2008 on: Final Result (1 - X - 2),
Under - Over (sum throat under three - the three onwards),
Goal - NoGoal (at least one goal scored by both teams -
no goal scored or just a team that scores), Pari - Dispari
(goals even numbered sum - goals odd numbered sum).
The second feature "Classifica" will show the current championship,
where in addition to details of points, wins - draws - lost
- goals scored - goals against at home - away - in total,
will also see the percentage of victory at home - away - total.
The "Exit" exits from 'App. Good Bolletta to All and Have Fun!!!

John Ashmore said...

Hi, I would also like to announce my app, Animal Sounds for kids:

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